At The Dawood Foundation, we believe that philanthropy and kindness know no borders, no boundaries and no limits. We stand by people in their hour of need and distress. We have manifested compassion, empathy and solidarity not only in Pakistan but towards humanity in general, helping those affected by disasters and calamities in other countries.

The erupted fire burnt over 250 houses into ashes and leftover 175 families’ shelterless in a small village of Udani in Tharparkar. Fortunately, no human casualty was reported. However, the fire burned cattle, jewellery and cash that were necessary for the survival of these families. The Dawood Foundation, with the support of Mariyam Dawood, took upon the task of assisting their fellow humans by helping them rebuild their lives. Engineers worked day and night to rebuild the village for victims of Udani fire by providing tents, food and clean drinking water.

philanthropy and kindness

In addition to this, millions have had to abandon their hearth and home due to terrorism that has swept through the country. The Dawood Foundation, Supported by Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood, has during this time been active in distributing relief goods to the affected populations. Funds were collected, relief goods procured and with the help of the army distributed to those in need.

Dawood Public School (DPS) is one of the largest girls school in Karachi, offering O and A level education to over 2500 girls. The school is housed in a single campus which consists of 4 buildings, which is also funded by the great Dawood foundation.