Truly wireless earbuds or earphones are quite different than the Bluetooth headphones. Both have the wireless connection to the smartphone and media player, but that is an only similarity. The Bluetooth headphones still have got wires. “True” wireless phones have got no wires. Why does the distinction matter? As they have different functionally, and it means the truly wireless earbuds will offer some features that the other headphones will not. Suppose you want to know what those are, continue reading.

Bluetooth headphones

No Cords!

This one must be quite obvious as we have already made this distinction that the true wireless earphone has no cords, still it matters. You can run, dance, jump, jog, somersault, and swim – at times – with the wireless earbuds cables.

Sound Compromise is Very Minimal

Most of the wireless earbuds sound amazing, so if there’s the sound compromise it is very minimal. Sure, the earbuds will not sound very good as over head and noise cancelling hones but who really cares? Wireless earbuds are an ideal solution for anybody with the active lifestyle.

Give Good Battery Life

Most of the wireless earbuds give amazing battery life for Bluetooth enabled. Actually, even in some instances where the battery life lacks, majority of them generally come bundled with the portable charging kit, which you may use to get extra juice.

Wireless earbuds gives many options; both of them are equally convenient and amazing. Because of the nature of the Bluetooth wireless technology, one can leave their phone behind.