Regulate the sale of alcohol premises and bars off-licenses will need to be licensed by the local authority to sell alcohol. Additionally, it means that sellers can’t sell direct to the general public. EBay is not a path for sellers. Unlike many of its counterparts, eBay Singapore has a no alcohol policy. I have seen items list and try to see them de-listed following a brief space of time.

I before starting would advise a bit of research. But note that this will provide you the price that is retail! Retailers need to earn a margin and in addition, there are sales taxes. Think about how much it will cost to send it for those who have a bottle of value vodka.

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It might be more cost effective send it or to drink it. Assuming that interface or the vodka is of significance there are numerous outlets. In case you have got a value set of expansion vodkas you could consider selling it at an auction house such as Bonham’s Sotheby’s or Christies. They will bring in a wide array of investors, as they function on a global scale. They will also be in a position. Expect to pay a fraction of the profits in seller’s commission. You might want to put it in a local auction 17, if your collection is smaller.

There are lots of these around the nation and some have expert sell vodka singapore. As a merchant, I find this a more attractive route than auction as it negates the seller and buyers fees meaning that, if circumstances are right, both sides can come off with a much better deal. There are two routes which you could consider vodka broking where the retailer takes a commission and sells the vodka. Whilst you will find a very good price compared to auction on your vodka, it will mean that you will need to wait till it sells to get your payment. The choice is to sell direct to retailers, and there are many people who will pay auction prices for quality stock that is great. Of After exploring course that the vodka is not worth it or selling will grow and appreciate in value. You can put it to the use for beverage and enjoy it!