Chinese culture has a long-lasting belief that new moms who do not get outstanding postnatal care would set themselves up for bad health plus illness later in life. It is supposed that the deficiency of care of the mother’s body plus mind after the birth of the baby permits the seeds of bad health as well as illness to be sewn inside her body. Years later at an irregular time, those seeds will come to fruition plus will bloom into sickness, disease otherwise bad health in general. This is why Chinese females always hire confinement nannies from confinement nanny agency to take care of new moms and their newborn babies.

Benefits of service of nanny

confinement nanny agency

Today, this trust is spreading around the world to Western cultures also. Many are catching on to the detail that a lady must take great care of her body while recovering from the birth of a baby. They might not call the aid they hire a nanny from confinement nanny agency, however their helpers do precisely the similar thing that Chinese confinement nannies have done for Chinese females for thousands of years.

The nanny is the solution to a severe cultural problem

This is not just an extravagance that some women get to relish so they can lay in bed or avoid learning toward care for their own babies. She is there to stop those seeds of bad health from being planted in the new mother’s body. In this means, she is a promoter of long-term health on the mother.